Software Engineering

Software Engineering

The user authentication of the system requires both user to enter a user name and a password. Specific user authorization allows the admit to access all the features of the system while the cashier can just access the cashiering and ports feature. The function Of the system is confined to the following features: Accounts * The owner has the access in all features of the program. * The owner can have a proxy as an admit of the system, by adding a user as an admit.

Cashiering * It serves as a conjunction to the inventory tasks where the outflow of the products is manifested. * It will also process, display cash change as well as official receipt for customers’ order and can generate all reports. Purchased Order * The admit can input the Information of the product * The admit can stock in the product. Archive Let the user store the face out product information that came from the purchased order. * It can restore or permanently delete the product. Reports * It will generate reports.

Search * Can optimize the product inquiry. Limitations The developed system will focus only on Sales and Inventory System of Prime Water. These are the following limitations: * The system does not include other business transactions that are not a component of the system. * Only the administrator can access maintenance and update forms. * The system cannot cater a credit cards and checks, only cash. 2. 0 Methodology of the Study We decided to use the Water Fall model of OSDL (System Development Life Cycle) as our Methodology for the System.

Design Designing phase, in this part we design an interface based on the analysis, we make a design that is easy to use by the user and to achieve the main goal of this study, to improve the current inventories system. Implementation In this phase we will implement the proposed system in the PRIME WATER to test the system can improve their inventories. Final system is built, tested and installed ensure that the user are all trained and that the organization is ready to benefit as expected from use of the system. Maintenance The group decides to give at least two (2) months free for the maintenance f the system.

Keep the system running productively during the years following its initial installation upgrades or enhancements may be carried out to expand the system’s capabilities. 3. 0 Data Gathering Procedures and Output Our Group conducted an investigation on what systems are most currently demanded of by the Institutions here in General Santos City and have found out that most of the Institutions are using manual procedures. We started by gathering data by personal interviews on how a transaction process system really work. Then we went to 36 Apparent SST.

Barraging City Heights on the ND week of July 2012 to conduct an initial study to for the proposed system. Our Group asked permission on one of the employees of the establishment and permission was granted. The employee invited us inside his station to talk about the flow of transaction services using their current system. While the employee explained the necessary details, we observed the flow of their current system. After an hour of chat, the proponents have gathered initial data for the proposal and to derive an appropriate system.

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